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Squawkers McCaw

The Squawkers McCaw parrot is a fantastic toy! If you like a laugh this is the toy for you and your children. It will give you hours of hillarious fun as this unpredictable parrot with attitude talks and squawks.
This Fur Real Friends Squawkers McCaw parrot wants to be heard and has plenty to say. Speak to him and he'll repeat what you've said. It's so funny, just like a real parrot! You can also fed him with the toy cracker and be amazed as he responds to your touch.
The award winning Squawkers McCaw is a feisty little parrot who actually switches his moods depending on how you interact with him. He'll cock his head when confused or ruffle his wings when happy. He'll even get down and dance to your favorite tunes.
The Squawkers McCaw comes with a remote control, toy cracker, perch and instruction manual. Altough it's Recommended for children of 5 years plus we're sure all ages will get hours of fun from this talking, squawking and totally unpredictable parrot!

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Squawkers McCaw Parrot

The velvety feather coat and vibrant colours of the Squawkers McCaw parrot resemble those of a real MaCaw. This full sized toy parrot takes interactive play to a whole new level. Your parrot can repeat words, respond to touch and do lots more! He's so funny and unpredictable, you'll just love him! This squawking, talking FurReal Friends parrot just wants to be heard! This amazing parrot is so feisty and unpredictable that he just might be the sassiest toy of all time.

Just like a real parrot, the Squawkers McCaw has a velvety feather coat that makes you want to cuddle him. His feet are fully articulated so that he can stand on his perch or be propped up on a flat surface. The Squawkers McCaw moves like a real parrot too! His highly innovative animatronics, enables your parrot to move in an incredibly convincing way. He'll cock his head when confused or ruffle his wings when happy. He will even get down and dance to your favorite tunes, all while singing along. Squawkers loves mealtime, and you can feed him with the provided toy cracker.

The Squawkers McCaw has an advanced voice recognition system that makes him sound just like a real parrot! He talks in a funny, squawky parrot like voice as it repeats what you say. You can programme him to answer your our specific questions, using the remote control. You can teach him to sing, tell jokes, and say whatever else you want him to say. Squawker's amazing animatronics enables him to speak up and get down with more than 45 words, phrases and sound effects, including his signature Squawk, Squawk, Squawk song and dance!

Squawkers is a feisty independently minded little parrot who can actually switch his moods depending on how you interact with him. He has a basic "repeat" mode, where he simply repeats any word spoken to him. He can also be humorous and playful, randomly responding to regular questions in nonsensical ways. Look out though, when your Squawkers McCaw is irritated, he'll try to get attention by complaining and squawking loudly! Take good care of your parrot and you'll find that there is really no other parrot quite like him.

What's in the Box

Your FurReal Friends Squawkers McCaw parrot comes:-

  • toy cracker

  • remote control

  • perch

  • operating instructions

Squawkers McCaw Parrot - Key Features

  • Size: 12" tall

  • for children ages 5 plus

  • Squawkers McCaw is a witty, energetic, and unpredictable talking parrot

  • Interacts in incredibly realistic ways: Repeats words, can be taught to joke and sing, and responds to touch

  • Velvety feather coat and vibrant colors resemble those of actual MaCaw

  • Loves to be fed

  • The Squawkers McCaw parrot is a talking, squawking and totally unpredictable play pal

  • Squawkers requires 4 x AA batteries (incl.)

  • remote control requires 2 x AAA batteries (incl.)

So what are you waiting for? Get your child this fantastic FurReal Friends Squawkers McCaw parrot today and we're sure you'll all have endless hours of fun with this fiesty, witty and unpredictable toy!

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July 5, 2022
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