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smores pony

Smores Pony

Every child would love to have their own pony. Now you can give your child a choice of interactive miniature ponies. Fur Real Friends has introduced the Smores Pony, which is similar to last years hottest toy the Butterscotch Pony, but has soft plush black and white fur and flowing mane. The Smores Pony has full head movement, opening and closing eyes, wiggling ears, a swishing tail, and realistic sounds; this makes it the most realistic toy pony on the market.
Your child will have hours of fun interacting with the Smores Pony. Feed your pony until it is full; groom it until it's tail wags. You can even sit on it and pretend to ride it while it makes galloping noises. It stands over 3 feet high and can support up to 80 pounds. So go on, give your child the toy they have always wanted and we're sure they will get hours of entertainment for many years to come.

Smores Pony the Ideal Gift

The Smores Pony is a fantastic toy for any youngster! It isn't just a miniature pony, it actually interacts with you. It senses you as you approach and turns its head to greet you. You can feed it with the carrot provided until it lets you know it's full. As you groom it she will turn her head to you and make whinny and snorting sounds. Then you can hop on its back and pretend to go for a gallop as she makes galloping sounds. Just like the award winning Butterscotch Pony the Smores Pony will give your child hours of pleasure for many years to come.

The Smores Pony is fully interactive and this interaction between your child and the pony is priceless. It will teach your child that animals need care and love just like humans. The more your child interacts with the pony the more your pony will respond to you. The Smores Pony comes equipped with electronic sensors to allow the pony to express its emotions. It has moving eyes, ears, head and tail. Groom her soft coat and she will move her head towards you, giving you a whinny or gentle snort. If you think she's hungry, feed her with the toy carrot; if she’s hungry, she’ll open her mouth, if she's not she will let you know by shaking her head.

As with the award winning Butterscotch Pony the Fur Real Friends Smores Pony not only responding to brushing and feeding it will also sniff your hand as you move it close to the pony's head. Plus, as your child talks to the pony, sensors will detect where the sound is coming from and your pony will moves its head to follow your voice.

Feed Your Pony

A toy carrot is provided to feed your Smores Pony. As you move the carrot close to the pony's mouth it will move its head toward the carrot, open its mouth and make eating sounds. When your pony is full, it will shake its head back and forth to tell you to stop feeding it.

Groom Your Pony

The Smores Pony also comes with a grooming brush. Your child can groom the pony's soft plush fur and flowing mane. As you groom the Fur Real Pony, it will move its head toward you while you brush its hair to show it likes it. If she's really pleased with your grooming she will begin to make whinny and snorting sounds.

Ride Your Pony

Every child loves to ride a pony. So sit your child on their very own Smores Pony. This will activate a sensor causing it to make realistic galloping sounds. With full head movement, opening and closing eyes, wiggling ears, a swishing tail, and realistic sounds, this is the most realistic and interactive pony on the market today. Parents up and down the country have been amazed by how much their kids love this realistic interactive Pony.

What's in the Box?

In addtion to Butterscotch Pony herself the following accessories are included:

  • Carrot

  • Brush

  • Halter

  • Special adoption certificate

Smores Pony - Key Features

  • Realistic horse movements

  • Moves head, wiggles ears, blinks eyes and swishes her tail

  • Opens her mouth when hungry

  • You can feed her with toy carrot

  • Sit on and pretend to ride while she makes gallopping sounds

  • Groom her and hear her whinny with delight

  • Adopt your very own pony

  • Age 4 years plus

  • Dimensions H94 x L60 x W48cm

  • Max user weight up to 36kg

  • Requires 6x D batteries (not included)

So what are you waiting for? Get your child this fantastic FurReal Friends Smores Pony today and give your child hours of fun for years to come!

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Fur Real Friends has a fantastic range of toys that we are sure your kids will love to own. As well as the fantastic Smores Pony there is the Butterscotch Pony and hillarious
Squawkers Parrot plus the adorable Biscuit My Lovin' Pup. And now Fur Real Friends has introduced Kota My Triceratops. We are sure this baby dinosaur will become this years award winning toy.

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