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Kota My Triceratops

How many kids today have dreamt of having their very own rideable dinosaur? Well now you can make your child's dream come true! Playskool has introduced the amazing Kota My Triceratops to their existing range of award winning toys.

Kota is a 'life size' baby Triceratops dinosaur from Playskool that will capture your child's imagination! Its so life like as it reacts to your childs sounds and touch. Kota is a highly interactive toy that will stimulate your child's imagination and is the most realistic toy dinosaur ever made of it size!

Speak to Kota and he will give a friendly roar back. Touch him and your very own Triceratops will move his head, eyes, horns and tail, to show he likes you. Sit on his back and pretend to ride him through a prehistoric land scape while it plays exciting adventure themed songs. You can also feed Kota with the 'leafy greens' that are provided and he will make munching sounds!

Kota is being launched on the market at the end of September 2008 and is going to be a sure fire hit and in great demand. So don't disappoint your child. Order now to ensure that your child gets the most fantastic interactive baby dinosaur available!

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Product Description

Kota is a fantastic interactive baby dinosaur. Talk to him and he'll respond, feed him and he'll munch on his leafy greens. Your child can sit on him and pretend to ride him through a prehistoric landscape while playing Adventure tunes! Kota the Triceratops will capture your child's imagination as they interact with the most realistic dinosaur available!

Kota is so life like and friendly that we're sure he'll become your child's favourite pet. Your child's own baby dinosaur comes to life with realistic electronic sounds and motion. It's so life like! Talk to Kota the Triceratops and he roars back with expressive tail, head, eye, mouth and horn movements. He'll even laugh if you tickle his tummy or chin.

Go for a pretend ride on Kota. Hang on tight to the hidden handle as your dinosaur makes realistic stomping sounds. Your child will have hours of make-believe fun as they bounce on the spring seat. Four different adventure-themed tunes are available as you ride Kota. There's even a convenient volume control switch that lets you adjust the level or turn it off.

If you think Kota is hungry, you can feed him some leafy greens and he will make munching sounds to show how much he likes them!

Kota My Triceratops is so life like that we're sure this baby dinosaur toy will give your child hours of creative interactive fun for years to come!

Kota's Life Like Movements

Kota is so life-like your child will believe you have a real dinosaur in your home. Kota can move his head, eyes and horns and tail. He has eleven sensors, linked to unique technology, located over his body that enable him to react and respond to you in an amazingly realistic way. So if you touch him or speak to him he will respond. It really is so fantastically life like!

Kota the Triceratops enjoys interacting with children. Kota senses when you're near him. If you hold out your hand he will sniff it! Speak to him and he'll turn his head towards you and give a friendly roar back at you.

Ride Your Dinosaur

Kota is over 40" inches long and is large enough to let small children sit on his back and simulate riding him around the room! Your child will sit on a safe spring-loaded seat that is built into Kota's back. He also has a hidden handle behind his neck that lets your child hold on safely while they pretend to ride their dinosaur on an imaginary prehistoric journey.

While riding Kota, your child can play adventure themed songs to add even more excitement to their imaginary journey.

Feed Your Triceratops

Playskool has included 'leafy greens' with Kota the Triceratops so that you can feed yur aby dinosaur! When you think he is hungry, move the leafy greens towards him and he'll sense them and move his head towards them. It really is so life like! Kota will the move his mouth to 'munch' the leaves whilst making realistic dinosaur munching sounds.

Your child will love interacting with Kota. Dinosaurs get hungry very quickly, so you must remember to feed your baby Triceratops every day!

Dinosaur Sounds and Adventure Tunes

To stimulate your child's creative imagination, Playskool have introduced a facility that enables you to play jungle sounds and Adventure Themed songs whilst riding on Kota's back. These, plus the realistic stomping sounds Kota makes when you ride him, add greatly to an authentic dinosaur experience. Four different adventure-themed tunes are available as you ride Kota. He also comes with a volume control switch, so you can tone down or turn off those dinosaur roars if required!

To play the adventure tunes simply press a button on Kota's secure handle.

In addition, if you ask Kota a question he will give a friendly roar back. Stroke his head and he will make realistic dinosaur sounds to show his appreciation.

What's in the Box?

In addtion to Kota the Triceratops baby dinosaur, the following accessories are included:

  • Leafy Greens

  • Special adoption certificate

Kota My Triceratops - Key Features

  • Animatronic, life-size rideable baby dinosaur

  • Over 3ft long

  • Comes to life with realistic sounds and motion

  • Responds to your voice and touch with roaring and laughing sounds

  • Makes sounds such as a dino roar

  • Moves,head, eyes, tail and horns in response to touch

  • Makes munching sounds when 'fed' by included leafy greens

  • Plays four different adventure-themed tunes

  • Convenient volume control switch

  • Adult assembly and supervision required

  • Maximum allowable weight: up to 60 lbs/36 kgs

  • Age 3 - 4 Years

  • Requires 6 "D" batteries. Does not require any additional charging station.
  • Please note: colours vary!

Kota is the most realistic toy dinosaur ever made of it size! The friendly Triceratops baby dinosaur will stimulate your child's imagination and give hours of creative fun for years to come! Kota is sure to sell out quickly following it's lauch at the end of September 2008. So don't be disappointed! Order today!!

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